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haitian american city council candidates

2021 NYC Council elections: 12 Haitian-American candidates running citywide

Jan. 12, 2021 - The contentious 2020 national election cycle is still in the throes of a spectacular, now violent, end. But already, another political fight is kicking off in New York City. Candidates are campaigning in what will most certainly be a busy New York City council election season — with 51 seats up for grabs and ranked-choice voting taking place for the first time — plus the selection of a new mayor.


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Haitian coffee business

Sisters Aim to Bring Haitian Coffee Culture to Miami

Jan. 18, 2021 - Two Haitian-American sisters based in Florida are on a mission to help make Haitian coffee as well-known as Cuban coffee. aitians are Miami’s second-largest ethnic group, one with its own rich history with coffee, so this felt like a natural progression for us.


Aimé Césaire mural negritude

Why is N-word a slur in English, but “nègre” is ok in French?

Nov. 13, 2020 - Césaire, Senghor and Damas were also influenced by the Haitian ethnologist Jean Price-Mars, who also developed the concept of Indigenism. Thus, Césaire considered Haiti the place "where négritude stood up for the first time" as the first black independent nation. As a result, the word "nègre" tends to be more accepted in French and has about one century of historical use in the literature, although it is still not mainstream.


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Trump extremists Nancy Pelosi

Thanks to Trump, The United States Now Resembles Haiti

Jan. 07, 2021 - Many have asked me over the years to explain why Haiti is so troubled. For years, I often explained the Haiti situation by expanding on the role that the U.S, France and Britain played. During the Trump years, however, my answer has been much more simple: Imagine having leaders like Trump for 200 years.



Cleve Mesidor cryptocurrency

Introducing…Bitcoin, Crypto and Tech

Jan. 05, 2021 - Automation and the fusion of technologies, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics and others have propelled society - a reboot of sorts. The COVID-19 pandemic also accelerated this paradigm shift. Yet, key segments of the global population are not prepared to keep pace or take advantage of the possibilities ahead. Which makes this column that much timelier and more relevant.


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Odley Jean, Netflix Grand Army, Haitian-American Actress

Grand Army’s Odley Jean on Playing Dominique in Netflix’s New Show

Nov. 23, 2020 - Oddly’s character Dominique is a high school upperclassman trying to balance her school work, social life, and obligations at home. A first-generation daughter of a single Haitian mother, Dominique helps care for her niece and nephew while simultaneously trying to keep her spot on the school’s basketball team, spend time with her boyfriend, hang out with friend, and land a meaningful internship. Out of all the characters, Dominique has the most going on — and it weighs on her.

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