Haiti DR Canal conflict

Haitian unity in canal conflict scrambles Abinader’s political ploy  | OPINION

Could the Haitians’ stance be a blueprint for getting things done around Haiti

The Haitian farmers are intent on completing the canal on November 18, the anniversary of the 1803 Bataille de Vertieres, when Dessalines’ guerilla army trounced Napoleon’s well-equipped French troops to win the war for freedom that created the world’s First Black Republic.

Haiti’s women’s soccer team conquers Costa Rica 1-0 in DR

Nérilia Mondésir’s 69th-minute goal pushed Haiti to a 1-0 victory over Costa Rica

For the past two years, both Haiti’s men’s and women’s teams have played their home games in the Dominican Republic due to safety concerns stemming from gang violence in Port-au-Prince.

Canada sanctions target more prominent Haitian businessmen

These Haitian entrepreneurs are prohibited from traveling to Canadian territory under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. The latter are also subject to a general ban on transactions with Canadian citizens or institutions, the freezing of assets following the economic regulation targeting Haiti.

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Third Caricom attempt fails to solve Haiti’s political stalemate 

Caricom’s 7-day visit to Haiti renews opposition’s calls for prime minister to resign

PORT-AU-PRINCE — A Caricom leader says Haiti’s current government, led by Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry, must do more in negotiations to address the ongoing governance crisis in the country. Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,…

The Diaspora

Scenes from the Labor Day kids carnival | PHOTOS

Haiti’s flag popped up all along the route of the Labor Day Junior Mas Bands parade and carnival

While no costumed mas band dedicated to showcasing Haiti appeared on the route, revelers of all ages were seen sporting the country’s bicolore were spotted in the crowds.…

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