Phyllisia Ross goes to London, Rutshelle drops ‘RGX,’ guitarist marries, Europe opens

In notable Haitian Music Industry news this week: Rutshelle Guillaume celebrates 10 years, Oliver Duret ties the knot and Haitian “Beat” launches in Europe

Haitian Music Industry news you need to know includes: Rutshelle Guillaume celebrating 10 years on the scene with RGX, Oliver Duret tying the knot and a new Haitian “Beat” competition launching in Europe.

The holiday season is officially here. Embark on a festive journey that explores the rich tapestry of celebrating Christmas and the holidays in the Haitian diaspora.

Guy Philippe deported to Haiti after serving sentence in US   

Aristide coup plotter, ex-police commander had pleaded guilty to money laundering in a drug smuggling case

Philippe had gained power in Haiti as a paramilitary leader, emerging from a group of former soldiers of the disbanded Haitian Armed Forces and toppling Jean Bertrand Aristide in 2004.

A Haitian pilot invented frame used in early luxury cars | Did you know?

This week’s “Did you know” Haitian facts features car frame inventor Charles Terres Weymann

Charles Terres Weymann was born in Port-au-Prince, on August 2, 1889 to an American father and a Haitian mother. Fluent in both English and French, he served as a test pilot during World War I for Nieuport, a French airplane company that primarily built racing and fighter aircraft at that time. For his service, Weymann…

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Mayor of Jacmel arrested in connection to Jovenel Moïse’s Assassination Probe

Jacmel mayor’s involvement in high-level meetings under scrutiny amid former president ongoing murder investigation

Investigations conducted by the Central Directorate of Judicial Police (DCPJ) in August 2021 revealed mayor Macky Kessa’s involvement in meetings related to planning of former president Moïse’s assassination.

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