Haitians in America is a collection of inspiring profiles that highlight the achievements of Haitians living in the United States. The series aims to provide a more balanced representation of Haiti and its people in the media, showcasing the positive impact of Haitians on their communities and the world instead of the persistent images of chaos and violence. Through these profiles, readers can gain a deeper understanding of the Haitian-American experience and be inspired by the many contributions of this vibrant and diverse community.

A taste of Haiti rolls into Motown | PHOTOS 

“Mr. Creole” food truck pulls into Detroit’s taste buds at public events

DETROIT—The gleaming red “Mr. Creole,” a food truck owned by Edens Gaston, has become a regular sight in Detroit’s downtown plaza, festivals and other busy locations. In this midwestern city with a growing Haitian population, Gaston’s flavors transport many back home. They also appeal to the larger population of residents looking for a taste of…

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