The Haitian Times welcomes the submission of opinion articles related to current topics and those of interest to Haitian audiences. To contribute your views, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • Keep the word count to 750 or less 
  • Focus on one main point, counterpoint or fresh idea
  • Include links or citations to references (data, statements, background, etc.)  that are not common knowledge 
  • Include a call to action or proposed recommendations/solutions to address the issue
  • Avoid self-promotion 
  • Include a short bio (less than 75 words) if you’re writing as a subject matter expert

We do not accept work that has been published elsewhere, including on personal blogs. When you submit your work, please include a brief note (1-2 sentences) that explains how you’re connected to the topic. Feel free to include a headshot. 

Make sure that your work has been rigorously edited prior to submission. Include an email and/or phone number for verification and editing purposes. All submissions are subject to additional edits for clarity and length. 

We will contact you within three days if your submission might be a good fit for our publication. 

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