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haitian american city council candidates

2021 NYC Council elections: 12 Haitian-American candidates running citywide

Jan. 12, 2021 - The contentious 2020 national election cycle is still in the throes of a spectacular, now violent, end. But already, another political fight is kicking off in New York City. Candidates are campaigning in what will most certainly be a busy New York City council election season — with 51 seats up for grabs and ranked-choice voting taking place for the first time — plus the selection of a new mayor.
haitian woman wearing mask

Creole speakers needed to help stop COVID-19 surge in Haitian neighborhoods

Dec. 18, 2020 - At the height of the pandemic last spring, New York City hired 200 people to help COVID-19 positive residents access essentials like food and medicine during quarantine. Now, with a second wave hitting the country and large holiday gatherings likely, the city is planning to expand its program to help more immigrant New Yorkers, including Creole-speaking Haitian-Americans.
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