Legacy | Silenced: The Radio Murders Podcast

Our co-host Ana Arana speaks with Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist Garry Pierre-Pierre, founder of the Haitian Times about the legacy of Miami radio broadcasters. This interview is a reunion of sorts – Garry and Ana both lived in Miami in the early 1990s, when Veye Yo was active on the airwaves and in the streets, and they worked together as reporters at the Sun Sentinel.

CBS | DRIVE TIME: Earthquake strikes Haiti after deadly weekend flooding

Southern Haiti was hit with 4.9 magnitude earthquake early this morning.  This comes after the country had been trying to deal with flooding from torrential rains that occurred over the past weekend that left at least 50 dead, more than 85 injured and dozens still missing.  Haitian Times founder Garry Pierre-Pierre was on Drive Time with Michael Wallace.

NPR | Haiti’s violent ‘Bwa Kale’ movement provides concern and optimism

In Haiti’s capital of Port-Au-Prince, some residents have grown sick of the gang control and violence they have suffered under for years. Now the people are taking the fight against gang violence into their own hands in what is called the Bwa Kale movement — a movement where citizens hunt down and sometimes kill suspected gang members. Garry Pierre-Pierre is a Pulitzer-Prize-winning Haitian-American journalist and founder of the Haitian Times. He joins Deepa Fernandes for more on the “Bwa Kale” movement.

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