Special Reports by The Haitian Times

Special Report: State of Haiti

State of Haiti series looks at the conditions many Haitians endure to carry on from day to day, despite alarming statistics about the country’s governance, crime and severe humanitarian crises.

Slam the scams targeting Haitians 

Slam the scams targeting Haitians  Fraudulent schemes and other activities targeting the Haitian community abound in Haiti, the U.S. and elsewhere across the globe. Most appear to fall in the get-rich-quick or Ponzi-like pyramid categories. To help the community avoid these scams, this page compiles stories we’ve reported about fraudulent activities and provides resources to…

Special Report – Gangs in Haiti: A deeper look

Guns, here’s how they buy it, my friend. It’s all about networking. This person tells the other. The diaspora is a little guilty in selling guns. They buy them in gun shows.  Jonas Gustave, a Youtuber who blogs about gang activities History & Current State taking back control

Special Report – Haitians in Tapachula

We demand respect for our dignity and human rights. Similarly, we demand in-depth solutions to the obstacles in achieving refugee status, legalization, and human rights. Yuderqui Jules, member of the Tapachula Haitian Refugee Association Read more about the Haitian Diaspora in Mexico