JetBlue and Marriott Team Up To Help Haiti Reforestation


From now  until Aug. 29, JetBlue passengers flying to Haiti from New York, Boston or Fort Lauderdale, and staying at the Marriott in Port-au-Prince will pay a flat rate of $125 a night. An additional $1 fee is charged per person for breakfast. The discounted rates are part of a joint initiative between JetBlue and Marriott…

Orphanage Founder Returns to Haiti After US Jury Ruling


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — A U.S. citizen who founded a Haiti orphanage for boys returned to the Caribbean country Wednesday after a U.S. jury ordered an activist to pay $14.5 million in damages for falsely accusing him of sexually abusing children in his care. A lawyer for Michael Geilenfeld said the orphanage founder feels “very…

OAS Offers Asistance In Haiti, Dominican Immigration Dispute

Dominican Republic Haitian Migrants

WASHINGTON, July 30 (UPI) – The Organization of American States (OAS) on Wednesday offered to facilitate negotiations between Haiti and the Dominican Republic due to the recent immigration controversy. OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro presented a report in Washington D.C. over the thousands of Haitians facing deportation in the Dominican Republic, where the agency also…

Haitian Family Labor Day Festival Cancelled


  By Carlotta Mohamed Venus International Productions (VIP) cancelled this year’s Haitian Family Labor Day Fest, taking a break to strategize how they can expand and make the festival more profitable for next year. “Nothing went wrong per se and we were in no way forced to cancel the festival,” said, Urbain Richard, VIP’s CEO,…

Haitian Diaspora to March Against Expulsion of Dominico-Haitians


By Carlotta Mohamed

The Haitian American Caucus (HAC), along with members of the Coalition For Human Rights in the Dominican Republic (CHRDR), will march on Friday, Aug. 14, to demonstrate the injustice of mass expulsions of Dominico-Haitians from the Dominican Republic.

“I am personally not satisfied with the response from the United States,” said Jennings Louis, who organized the march. “I don’t feel like things are moving fast enough in terms of addressing the issue overall on a wide scale.”

The Haiti-Greece Connection


By Max A. Joseph

Debt is an instrument of control and other insidious motives that have been in use since ancient times. Its potency painfully felt when the debtor becomes insolvent.

European Union member and bankrupt Greece may be thousands of miles away from United Nations-occupied and destitute Haiti, but the distance doesn’t preclude these two countries from experiencing similar issues inherent to the brutal nature of the global order.

OP-ED: Who Will Help Forced Migrants From The DR in Haiti?

Dominican Republic Haitian Migrants(3)

By Chantalle F. Verna

Starting in the 1930s, my great-grandmother provided strangers in need with shelter at her Saint Marc, Haiti home. My aunt Rosie recently told me this, while suggesting that if each Haitian household took in one of the thousands of migrants arriving from the Dominican Republic, an impending crisis could be averted.

The proposal seems utopian. But, it is not. It is a practical imperative that every Haitian family ought to consider.

OP-ED: We Need A Way Forward


By Samuel M. Pierre

America is the rare example of a nation that encourages immigration. Most countries promote emigration to other nations in the hopes that its expatriated peoples will do well beyond their border and generate wealth, while popularizing the culture and reputation of their home nation.

3 Haitian Eateries in Jersey


By Amanda Rosenblatt

New York, with Manhattan as the culinary centerpiece, is of course teeming with great Haitian food restaurants. The entire tristate area is no exception, but sometimes we forget about the hidden gems outside of the New York metro area. Here are three great New Jersey Haitian eateries to check out.

Dominicans Reject OAS Offer To Organize Meeting With Haiti


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Dominican Republic on Wednesday rejected an offer by the Organization of American States to organize talks with Haiti on resolving a tense dispute between the two neighbors over citizenship and legal residency. OAS Secretary-General Luis Almagro proposed that the Washington-based organization plan a meeting between the Caribbean countries that share the…

OP-ED: In Unity There is Strength to Defend Against 21st Century Occupations in Haiti


By Chantalle F. Verna

Coming together to support the well-being of forced migrants arriving into Haiti from the Dominican Republic is a concrete way to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the United States occupation of Haiti (July 28, 1915-August 14, 1934).

Attending to the needs of the tens of thousands continuously arriving into Haiti is consistent with the nationalism that emerged in response to the assault on Haitian sovereignty. That nationalism acknowledges the significance and inter-dependence of all segments of the Haitian population. It can also defend against new and extended forms of occupation in Haiti.

Top Chef Ron Duprat & Author Edwidge Danticat Headline 20th Anniversary Celebration of Lambi Fund of Haiti

Lambi Dance Troop

To commemorate two decades of service and impact, Lambi Fund of Haiti hosted a celebration on July 15 at Penthouse 808 in New York City, which featured Top Chef Ron Duprat, best selling Haitian-American author Edwidge Danticat, and award-winning dance troupe, Cumbe. The fund supports sustainable development projects proposed by local grassroots groups from across…

Popular Children’s Book Comes To Life In New York Musical


The popular children’s book series The Berenstain Bears, comes to life on stage during this live musical. The show at the Manhattan Movement & Arts Center, which runs until the end of August, follows the Berenstain bear family, as they navigate through some of life’s typical problems. “The Berenstain Bears series is a beloved favorite…