Catching Up with Belo

Most can agree that artist Jean Belony Murat better known by his stage name Belo is the future “Bob Marley” of Haiti. Carrying his loyalty and pride of Haiti everywhere…

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Restitution: France Needs To Accept Its Responsibilities


Confronting a multitude of seemingly intractable issues at home that could deny him a second term in France’s 2017 presidential election, François Hollande has been busy trying to find solace in foreign adventures and make his country once again relevant on the international stage. Despite being one of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, a post-WWII consortium that holds the power to regulate everything under the sun, France is a has-been entity that refuses to accept that its glory days are too far gone for them to matter in this day and age.

4 Questions With New Xavier University President


What led you to pursue your career?

It was passion that led me to my career; passion that was nurtured and not allowed to wither.

I am forever grateful to those who fed those small flames. I have always loved science and its methods of discovery. Even at a young age, I dismantled toys and discarded devices seeking to comprehend their inner workings. The toys were most often mine but at times they were those of my siblings. Nurturing this inner passion was the encouragement of my parents. They taught us to value all learning and knowledge, whether in the art and letters, in politics, history, biology or astronomy.

Haitian Educator Named President of Xavier University

reynold verret

“Upon arriving in this country as a refugee from Haiti in 1963, I was supported by many who nurtured my love of learning and science and gave me the encouragement and confidence to persevere. During my tenure at Xavier, I will continue paying it forward, helping generations of young people realize their dreams, regardless of their backgrounds.”

Fanm Djamn: Celebrating Women Through Fashion

Fanm Djanm Girls from Brooklyn Independent Media on Vimeo.

By Tadia Toussaint

For many, fanm djamn are simply two words that translate from Haitian Kreyol meaning strong woman.  For fashion blogger Paola Mathé, it’s far more complex.

Mathé, creator of Fanm Djamn headwraps drew inspiration from her Haitian culture, celebrating women everywhere by sharing her handmade head wraps.

“I just want to show people, who are interested, the way I see colors in the world,” she recently wrote on her blog “I want to celebrate the beauty that we don’t often see represented.”

By redefining what it means to be a fanm djamn, Mathé is putting Haiti on the global map allowing women of all ethnicities to join in on the lifestyle and sisterhood.

“Wearing our headwrap means you’re wearing a lifestyle, not an accessory,” Mathé said. “The women behind the head wraps are the ones who deserve to be looked up to.”

First Lady Sophia Martelly Barred From Running As Senate Candidate


Port-au-Prince (AFP) – Haitian First Lady Sophia Martelly can’t run for the Senate due to questions over her nationality, authorities said Wednesday. New York-born Martelly had provided election authorities with documents showing she had renounced her American citizenship. But the National Bureau of Electoral Disputes, or BCEN, said Martelly’s documentation was insufficient to confirm her…

OP-ED: Haitian Youth, Make Your Vote Count


By Henry Robert Beaucejour Henry Robert Beaucejour is CEO of Sans Frontieres Technology and founder of Haiti Tech News. While the country is in a hysterical mood regarding the upcoming elections, there is one segment of the population which does not care, or perhaps, does not even know about it. The youth of Haiti have…

Haitian Government Inaugurates Family Nurse Practitioner Program

Vanessa Beauport conducting an eye exam.

After the earthquake, Dr. Carmelle Marie Bellefleur traveled to Haiti and saw firsthand the overwhelming need for healthcare. In 2010, Bellefleur and three fellow nurse educators founded Promoting Health In Haiti (PHH), a nonprofit dedicated to improving health and wellness for the people of Haiti by educating highly-skilled nurses.

On Apr. 27, the Haitian government inaugurated the organization’s Family Nursing Program (FNP) – a first for the country where there are currently no nurse practitioners. This title was an unfamiliar one for the Haitian government, Bellefleur says. They didn’t know the types of services they provide, the level of education needed, or how to compensate them.

Catching Up with Belo


Most can agree that artist Jean Belony Murat better known by his stage name Belo is the future “Bob Marley” of Haiti.

Carrying his loyalty and pride of Haiti everywhere he goes, the music icon has been acknowledged on a global scale earning him the title as the Haitian Cultural Ambassador.

NYS Assembly Passes Resolution Condemning DR Ruling


The New York State Assembly adopted a resolution condemning the denationalization of Dominicans of Haitian descent, Assemblymember Rodneyse Bichotte announced on Tuesday. The bill states that New Yorkers–Dominicans, Haitians, Caribbeans, and many others–care about what’s happening inside Dominican Republic.

Bichotte Urges NYS Assembly To Condemn DR Ruling

Assemblymembers: Rodneyse Bichotte, Michaelle Solages, Kimberly Jean-Pierre, Annette Robinson, Ellen Jaffee, Helene Weinstein, Felix Ortiz, David Weprin, Latrice Walker, Charles Barron, Phil Steck, Joann Simon, Joe Lentol, Shelly Mayer, Senator Kevin Parker, Haitian American Lawyer Association, We Are All Dominican, Coalition of Dominicans against Racism, Ahora/NOW, Amnesty International

Haitian-American Assemblymember Rodneyse Bichotte is urging the New York State Assembly to vote on a resolution she introduced on Monday that calls for the United States Congress to condemn the Dominican Republic’s action against Dominicans of Haitian descent. In 2013 the Dominican Republic’s Constitutional Court left hundreds of thousands Haitian Dominicans stateless, after stripping them of their citizenship.

“I take this action to draw the world’s eyes to the Dominican Republic’s abuse of Dominicans of Haitian descent, and efforts to strip them of their rights and citizenship,” said Bichotte, who announced yesterday she has been on a hunger strike for days.

3 Reasons To Check Out Haiti Film Fest


For the third consecutive year, Haiti Cultural Exchange (HCX) is hosting its Haiti Film Festival in time for Haitian Heritage Month. HCX will showcase over 15 screenings of Haitian-produced films throughout New York City. The film festival will showcase a variety of films, ranging from short films to documentaries. Here are three reasons not to…