Haiti Asks Delay In UN Peacekeeping Cuts; Elections Loom


UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Haiti asked the U.N. on Wednesday to delay a plan that would nearly cut in half its peacekeeping force there, just as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere is poised to enter a tense election period.

Ambassador Denis Regis warned the U.N. Security Council that the withdrawal, which begins this month, will jeopardize the country’s security situation. President Michel Martelly made the same plea in a letter to the U.N. this month.

Time to Revisit the 1929 Borno-Vasquez Understanding

Haitian President Michel Martelly and Dominican Republic President Leonel Fernandez inspect the honour guard at the national palace in Santo Domingo

By Max A. Joseph Jr.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense might find it odd that Haiti, a country accustomed to being sanctioned by the international community for the simplest perceived offense, cannot use the same course of action to advance or defend her interests. And, it is all the more illogical that Haitian leaders, past and present, have consistently embraced a policy of peaceful coexistence with the Dominican Republic, Haiti’s contiguous and meddlesome neighbor, which has continuously proven, through its deeds, to pose an existential threat to the Haitian people. History is a culmination of asymmetrical events, the longer the Dominican Republic threat is ignored, the more catastrophic it will be to Haiti and its people.

Haiti Worries About Election Security As UN Plans To Withdraw From 6 Regions


Haitian government and election authorities on Monday expressed concern about the security of the upcoming elections as UN peacekeepers plan to pull out of six of the Caribbean country’s ten regions as part of a withdrawal plan voted over the past couple of years by the UN Security Council.

The Haitian Minister in charge of the election issue within the government, Fritz Jean-Louis, said the absence of UN troops in most of the regions during the crucial presidential, legislative and local elections will be a security hazard which can reveal to be very challenging.

Angela Simmons and Her Haitian Holiday

IG pic 4

By Melissa Bernier

Haiti has been all over our timelines and newsfeeds, and for good reason. Amidst a sizable television campaign by the Ministry of Tourism, Haiti has gotten the stamp of approval from several celebrities including Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, Gabrielle Union, our own Garcelle Beauvais and Angela Simmons. “Tourism” is the hot button word as of late, and nothing does better for tourism than Instagram feeds lined with pics of celebs frolicking in the sand and sun.

Haiti’s Only Film School Celebrates 10 Years


By Vania Andre

For some traditional Haitian parents, the only careers their children should aim for are ones in medicine and law. After all, according to those who subscribe to that belief, that’s the only way to make a good living. So, imagine the surprise of Macdala Prevot’s family, when she decided to leave law school, and pursue a career in film, at Haiti’s only film school, Cine Institute.

Haiti Sets Date For Delayed Legislative Elections


Haiti has set a date for delayed legislative elections that have been a source of increasing political friction while scheduling its presidential election for later this year.

The election for all members of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies will be Aug. 9, according to an announcement late Wednesday by Mosler Georges, executive director of the Provisional Electoral Council.

UN and Japan Come Together To Support Elections In Haiti w/ $8.4 million Funding Deal

The Ambassador of Japan in Haiti, His Excellency Mr. Katsuyoshi Tamura, and Senior Director of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Sophie de Caen, signed two financing agreements totaling 8.4 million US dollars to Haiti. Photo Credit: PNUD Haiti

The Ambassador of Japan to Haiti, his Excellency Mr. Katsuyoshi Tamura and Senior Country Director of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Mrs. Sophie de Caen today signed two funding agreements worth US$8.4 million to support elections and build resilience in Haiti.

An initial contribution of US$4.5 million will support technical and material assistance to the country’s upcoming elections, as well as boosting Haiti’s electoral systems. The funds will reinforce the electoral process support fund established in 2005 by the Government of the Republic of Haiti, the European Union, the United States, Canada and Brazil.

Anti-government Movement Loses Momentum In Haiti


A movement initiated by radical opposition parties and other groups to demand the early resignation of Haiti’s President Michel Martelly as a prerequisite for their participation in the next election, seems to be losing momentum over the past weeks, in a Caribbean country where significant steps have been taken toward holding long-delayed elections.

Surveying New Yorkers in Seven Languages


By Voices Of NY

New York City’s long-term plan is updated every four years, and Mayor Bill de Blasio will offer the newest version, PlaNYC, on Earth Day, April 22. The idea, according to a statement from de Blasio, is “to make sure that we’re building toward a future that’s reliant, sustainable, and makes sense for the lives of all New Yorkers.”