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Opinion, Women & Children

Gang Rape of Teen Girl In Haiti Highlights Need For Solutions to Gender-Based Violence

The reporting of sexual violence to the police in Haiti remains a very difficult and convoluted process. Thus, it contributes to countless cases being under-reported. The Overseas Security Advisory Council indicate that sexual crimes in Haiti have become a major problem and crime statistics are woefully under documented by the Haitian National Police.

Shockwaves of Trump’s Turbulent First Week Likely to Reach Haiti

By David Henderson To say the first week of Donald Trump’s presidency has been hectic would be a massive understatement. He’s passed a flurry of executive orders, sparred with the press, and appeared on television constantly. Its been tough to follow all of Trump’s moves, but it’s critical to analyze his policies, and how they...
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Emeline Michel Live In Concert

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Haiti, Warped Lens

UN Troops to Depart Haiti But Are Haitians Ready

By Garry Pierre-Pierre I do believe that MINUSTAH should go, and should do so soon. But having said that I remain skeptical that once these blue-helmeted soldiers are out whether or not our institutions are ready to play their role in a democratic society. Can the police handle a protest of 10,000 or more? Can the judiciary uphold the constitution? Can the political parties behave responsibly? Can Haiti feed itself and care of the desperate needs of its people.
Warped Lens

Haitian Diaspora’s Defense of Guy Philippe is Deeply Misguided

By Garry Pierre-Pierre Two days after Guy Philippe was arrested in Haiti by Haitian police officers and extradited to Miami on drug charges, I received an email urging Haitians to sign a petition calling on the U.S. State Department to release him to the Haitian authorities. Philippe, who has been wanted by the U.S. Drugs and Enforcement Agency for more than 10 years, was nabbed on Thursday, Jan. 5 outside a radio station in Petion Ville minutes after he gave an interview.



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Fun Ways to Raise Money While in College

  As a college student, you have loads of opportunities to get involved in your community and really make a difference in the lives of others. But to really make an impact, you need to raise some much-needed funds and help your favorite non-profit organizations do what they do best. Thankfully, there are some really...
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Emeline Michel To Perform At Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts At Brooklyn College

Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College continues their commitment to outstanding performing arts with their latest musical showcase slated for Mar. 4 at 8:00 p.m. with legendary Haitian singer and songwriter Emeline Michel. Called “the Joni Mitchell of Haiti” and the “new goddess of Creole music,” she has been instrumental in putting such...