A Life Changed in Haiti: Woman is Embodiment of Alumna’s Efforts to Provide Meaningful Impact


By Alexandra Pecharich

“When I lost my small business after the earthquake, I believed that life was over.”

Jolina Auguste remembers her darkest hours from a distance of more than six years. The January 2010 earthquake that decimated Haiti and killed as many as 300,000 of her fellow countrymen drove her family of four from a rental into a tent and destroyed the little boutique from which she eked out an existence selling cosmetics and soap.

Why Uprooting Corruption Is Necessary To Building The Haitian State

Photo Credit: Garry Pierre-Pierre

Max A. Joseph Jr.

One of the least understood, but at the same time most destructive components of the current global order is the multitude of organizations, all of them fully integrated into or beholden to the system, offering expert advice to the developing world. These organizations, which include the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the World Bank, and the innocuously-named NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations), represent a threat that must not be ignored as their flawed recommendations are geared toward propping up the global system rather than providing a practical solution to the deficiencies of the most vulnerable countries.

One on One w/ Chef Stephan

chef Stephan Promo 2 copy

Celebrity Chef Ron Duprat sat down with Haitian Chef Stephan Durand, who was trained at the prestigious Johnson & Wales University. Durand, who is the first chef in his family, started his cooking career in the Air Force and worked his way from there offering his services to corporate clients and other establishments. The two…

Whatever, Lyzz: Jason Deru-No!


By Lyzz Repa   Over the weekend I received an email from my Editor asking if I would consider writing about some Haitian Pop culture and current events. At first I wanted to say no. Thing is if you haven’t already figured it out from previous posts, I don’t do well in shades of gray.…

6 Events To Attend Celebrating Haitian Heritage

May 18

By Soraya Denis

Haitian Heritage Month celebration is an expansion of Haitian Flag Day (May 18), a patriotic day celebrating Haitian heritage and culture. Haitian Heritage Month was first celebrated in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1998 and for the past 18 years since its inception it has been celebrated and recognized by Haitian Diaspora communities in Miami and New York.

A Chilly Haitian Flag Day Parade in Boston

Members of the Saint Belvi Haitian Adult Day Health Center sing Haiti's National Anthem while waiting for the parade to start. Photo Credit: Gage Norris

By Gage Norris

On Sunday afternoon, Boston held its 16th annual Haitian American Unity Parade in honor of Haitian Flag Day. Filled with floats representing dozens of Boston-area churches, schools, music and dance groups, and political organizations, the parade stretched for a little over a mile on Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan, MA.