Haitian American Caucus Leads March Against Dominico-Haitians

The Haitian Diaspora in New York City, led by the Haitian American Caucus marched on July from 14th Street Union Square to the Google building on eighth avenue between West 15th and West 16th Street.

Four City March Scheduled To Protest Mass Deportations of Dominico-Haitians


By Carlotta Mohamed

Four cities will march and speak out against injustice, protesting the Dominican Republic’s ethnic cleansing and mass deportations of Dominico-Haitians on Thursday.

The Haitian community in Philadelphia will join Haitian communities in New York, Miami, Atlanta and Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to bring attention and immediate action through marches held in their communities, said Marc Antoine, co-chair of the Community Development for the Haitian Professionals of Philadelphia.

Jobs top priority for Haitian citizens


By Vania Andre

Jobs are a top priority for Haitian citizens, according to poll results released last month. The nationwide poll was conducted by OCAPH, a Haitian-based civil organization, to bring to light the issues candidates in the upcoming election should be paying attention to.

“By a sizeable majority, jobs came in as the top priority,” OCAPH said in a statement.

“For the first time in our nation’s history, citizens have been empowered to voice their concerns using their cellphone,” said Guerda Previlon, OCAPH Deputy Director. “The poll is the first step in a series of citizen actions OCAPH will be taking in the coming months. We are determined to create a national debate platform based on issues that truly matter to our people.”

Edouard Pinede, Pioneering Haitian Engineer, 1938-2015

Edouard Pinede

Edouard Pinede, a native of Haiti and a long-time resident of Connecticut and California, died on June 3 in Riverside, California at the age of 76. Born in Port-au-Prince to business owner Paul Pinede and Lucile Audate Pinede, Edouard was educated at the Institution St. Louis de Gonzague in Haiti, where he received his baccalaureate…

Haiti: Dominican Deportations Causing ‘Humanitarian Crisis’


  PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — Haiti’s prime minister warned Thursday that the Dominican Republic is creating a humanitarian crisis with its crackdown on migrants, noting that 14,000 people have crossed the border into Haiti in less than a week. “That is massive,” Prime Minister Evans Paul said during a meeting with reporters to talk about the…

Superstar Chris Brown Holds Free Concert in Haiti

chris brown

By Carlotta Mohamed

R&B sensation Chris Brown has landed in Haiti, scheduled to perform at a FREE concert on Friday, June 26, at 4 p.m. on Port-au-Prince’s central square, the Champ de Mars.

The singer made his announcement on Instagram: “Concert tonight in Haiti!!,” he wrote. “Putting on a free show tonight in Haiti.”

The six- hour event will feature performances by rapper Swizz Beatz, Lil Wayne, and Chris Brown; It is the second free concert held in Haiti after 21 years, according to Vibe Magazine.

VIDEO: Bronx Dominicans Protest Deportations

Organizers protested the deportations of Dominico-Haitians from the Dominican Republic Saturday afternoon in the Bronx, raising awareness in the New York Dominican community.

“Black Lives Matter En La Republica Dominicana” was organized after a recent protest outside of the Dominican Republic consulate near Times Square. The Dominican Republic’s plans to carry out mass deportations have drawn international criticism, especially from Dominicans who have migrated from their country.

U.S. Representative Holds Briefing Over Haiti Deportations

Activists rally and march from the Bronx to Washington Heights, NY in solidarity with hundreds of thousands of Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian-descent who are facing racist deportations in the Dominican Republic. Photo Credit: Jay Espy

By Carlotta Mohamed

U.S. Representative Frederica Wilson and The Raben Group hosted a brief conference call on Tuesday, as panelists of experts clarified issues about the Dominican Republic’s mass deportation of 200,000 Dominico-Haitians. The Florida politician’s district makes up the largest Haitian-American population in the United States.

The situation between the Dominican Republic and Haiti has led to some confusion of late, said Professor Ediberto Roman, a faculty member of the Florida International University College of Law. It’s a debate that is highly characterized as an immigration issue.

It is an issue of human rights and constitutional law relating to citizens, he said. We’re talking about “generations of individuals in the Dominican Republic that saw themselves as citizens, said Professor Roman.

Haitian Government Has Not Banned Dominican Products


By Vania Andre

The Haitian government released a statement Wednesday denying rumors that the government had placed a trade embargo on the Dominican Republic.

“Contrary to widespread rumors on some blogs and social networks, there isn’t a ban on the sale of Dominican products in our territory,” according to a statement issued by the prime minister’s communication office.