Jovenel Moise is Elected President of Haiti

Jovenel Moise addressing a crowd during a campaign stop

By Garry Pierre-Pierre After a series of failed votes, Jovenel Moise was declared Haiti’s president by the country’s Provisional Electoral Council winning 55.67 percent of the vote. Moise, a banana exporter and political neophyte defeated 26 other candidates to win an outright vote, which was held on Sunday Nov. 20th. If he had garnered less…

Transformation Begins With You


Part One There’s this meme I saw the other day. It was an image of a Black woman, and at the top of the picture was the question, “What’s your talent?” The answer was written at the bottom in bold letters: “I am Black.” It is humorous; however, being Black wherever you are in the…

Bien Abyé Host “Les Jardins De La Mode” Pop-up Shop

Photo Credit: James Hercule

NEW YORK, NY — On Nov. 5  Bien Abyé fashion designer, Dayanne Danier, hosted “Les Jardins De La Mode,” a pop-up shop in Brooklyn featuring her latest collection of fashion accessories alongside a collection of home goods from Artisan Business Network (ABN), and a new collection of artwork from architect, Eddy Albertini. Founded in 2011, ABN…

Jimmy Jean-Louis Launches 2017 Haiti Calendar


  NEW YORK, NY – Actor and philanthropist Jimmy Jean-Louis announced the release of a limited edition 2017 Haiti Calendar. Launching during the African Diaspora International Film Festival in New York later this month, the calendar features captivating photographs from some of Haiti’s most beautiful sites. The goal of the calendar is to project positive images…

Fun Ways to Raise Money Whilst in College


As a college student, you have loads of opportunities to get involved in your community and really make a difference in the lives of others. But to really make an impact, you need to raise some much-needed funds and help your favorite non-profit organizations do what they do best. Thankfully, there are some really fun…

Brace Yourself Haiti

Law student Amy Eisen helps Gerald Desiral prepare TPS application forms at a CUNY-sponsored assistance event for Haitians.

By Jocelyn McCalla

]Haitians can say goodbye to Temporary Protected Status (TPS). In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, President Barack Obama saw fit to use his discretion to grant this exceptional status to Haitians stranded in the US because of the extensive damage suffered by their country. The operative keyword is discretionary authority. At his discretion the president can grant TPS for a period of 18 months — which Obama did in 2010 — and extend this status for another 18 months or less depending on whether conditions in the country under consideration have sufficiently improved to allow an orderly return of the individual beneficiaries. President Trump is unlikely to extend TPS further for Haitians. In fact, he is unlikely to extend TPS for many other nationals who have benefited from such a measure.


H.H.A’s/C.N.A’s. /P.C.A.’s Bring your skills and training to a different field! Citizens Options Unlimited, an associate of AHRC Nassau provides quality person centered supports and services to people with developmental disabilities. Due to tremendous growth we have exciting opportunities in our residential programs in Plainview and Melville (Nassau County). We seek individuals for hands- on…

U.S. Resumes Haiti Deportations Despite Call to Halt In Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

Photo Credit: Vania Andre

By Vania Andre

The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has resumed deportations to Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, despite calls to halt deportations from the Haitian Diaspora and U.S. elected officials. There are reportedly two flights scheduled to depart to Haiti every week. The first flights arrived Thursday, Nov. 3 and Tuesday, Nov. 8.

I bet on the Goodness of the American People and I lost

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

By Garry Pierre-Pierre

In which country did a highly educated, former first lady and senator lose an election to a firebrand, political neophyte, gaudy and raunchy entertainer? No, I am not talking about the United States, it happened in Haiti first in 2011 when Michel J. Martelly defeated, or was selected, president over Myrlande Manigat.

How to De-Stress After the Elections


During the early hours of Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016, the nation found out who would be our next president. Most people have expressed worry, anger, frustration, and disappointment. Hopes and dreams of electing the first woman president were dashed into pieces. People are rightfully concerned not only about their future but also their children’s future.…

Organization Pushes for Sustainable Solutions to Cholera, Typhoid

Marie-Yolaine Eusebe (second from left) and Barbara Perkins (second from right, in glasses) visit community members in Haiti.

By Wyatt Massey

Stopping the spread of disease is one of the most pressing issues in the country after the hurricane. As of Oct. 25, PANO/WHO estimated 3,423 suspected cholera cases. Cholera is a virus, spread by contaminated water, that severely dehydrates those with the disease. Haiti’s Ministry of Health announced a vaccination campaign starting Nov. 8 to bring 1 million oral vaccines to areas affected by cholera.

Haiti Needs Another Marshall Plan


By Garry Pierre-Pierre

But the question that no one wants to address is why are natural disasters taking such a huge toll on Haiti. It’s not because we believe in Vodou, or that there is an international conspiracy, or that God is upset at us as I’ve often heard from various folks.

Let’s Vote for Hillary Clinton and Deal With Her Haiti Misdeeds Tomorrow

Opening session of the International Donors' Conference towards a "New Future for Haiti".

By Garry Pierre-Pierre

Enough has been written about Mr. Trump that I don’t want to add to it. Enough said. I urge my fellow Haitian-Americans to go to the ballot tomorrow and cast our vote for Mrs. Clinton. And on Wednesday, the leadership should organize national calls the way we did after the earthquake to rally the troop. We should come up with a set of serious recommendations and put together a task force to follow through and make sure that Mrs. Clinton atones for her mistakes in Haiti.

Haitian American Voters in Florida Not Impressed By Clinton’s Campaigning Efforts

Photo Credit: Toms Norde / Valsts kanceleja

By Carlotta Mohamed

Bastien said the fact that Trump came to Little Haiti in September is an important symbol in the community. She received phone calls about elderly Haitian Americans who are voting for Trump just because he came to Little Haiti. Meanwhile, Clinton hasn’t done enough to show that voices of Haitian Americans are important, and shouldn’t be taken for granted because they do matter.

Manhattan Theater Screens Haitian Films to Celebrate Day of the Dead


From Oct. 28 to Oct. 30, Metrograph, a new theater in Manhattan, held a weekend-long screening of contemporary Haitian films in celebration of the Day of the Dead. Celebrating Haiti: Day of the Dead Revisited, hosted by Creatively Speaking Films Series, ran from Oct. 28 – Oct. 30 at the Manhattan theater where seven films were screened. The films each explore a different aspect of narratives and issues embedded in the conscience of all Haitians.

The Beginning of the End


By Cameron Pierre-Pierre

Sixteen years ago, when I was in the first grade, I got my first real taste of presidential politics. It was the election between Al Gore and George W. Bush. I wanted nothing more in the world than to see Al Gore become the next president of the United States. I don’t really know why I cared so much, but as a young child the choice of president seemed like the most important thing in the world. I used to refer to Bush as “George Idiot Bush.” I was a strange child.

To Help Haiti We Must Turn Our Back on It


By Garry Pierre-Pierre

After more than 25 years reporting on Haiti, I am of the belief that for Haiti to change, Haitian Americans have to turn our back toward it. We are abused by Haitians in Haiti, thinking that because we were the lucky ones to have left that we owe them something and we are expected to come to their rescue whenever there is a problem, which is often.

It’s All In The Name


There’s great meaning behind a person’s name. In some cultures, names are highly regarded and ceremonies are held where newborns are given names which are carefully selected. It’s understood that the children will live up to their namesakes. A person’s name is a part of who she is. Events and experiences will always reflect the…

What to Do in Your Downtime When Traveling Solo

Photo Credit: Giuseppe Milo, Flickr

Whether you’re traveling for business or you simply decided to get away from it all, every vacation or trip provides opportunities to explore and learn. When traveling with friends or family, the classic vacation itch can set in and make it hard to be around each other. Traveling solo, however, often presents the opposite problem:…

Concert Supports HIV/AIDS Testing Awareness

Pwojé SIDA helped raise awareness about HIV/AIDS testing by bringing people together for a concert.

By Wyatt Massey

Music can connect people from all walks of life and help spread messages, which is why Nick Cannell gathered prominent Haitian musicians for a concert to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in Haiti.

Pwojè SIDA connected residents with free HIV tests, condoms, health information and referrals to medical professionals, said Cannell, executive director and co-founder of Konbit Mizik, a Haitian record label.

Pride vs. Confidence: What’s the Difference?


I was once told a story about a young man who was a first-year medical student. One weekend, he returned to his hometown to visit his father, who, due to unfortunate circumstances, was recently admitted to an institution. While there, the young man came across the people who were staying on his father’s floor. The…

You Are Not Your Job


A few days ago I was talking to a friend, who had moved down south to be closer to her family. I was checking to see if she was okay because I had heard news that Hurricane Matthew was not only ravaging certain areas in Haiti and Jamaica, but it was also making its way…

Caribbean Version of Vagina Monologues Highlights Domestic Violence In Haitian Community


By Fabienne Colas

Haiti is known for many things; for its food, its music, its art and its people, who stay continuously resilient in the face of political and socioeconomic turmoil. However one aspect of Haitian culture that is kept in the shadows, is the misogynic ideals that are interwoven in the culture, and rears itself in various forms of abuse against women.