Passing of a musical tradition from a father to a son

By Ken Aragaki

At the age of 17, Sebastian Pierre, a senior at Eastern Christian High School in North Haledon, N.J., has already established himself as an accomplished musician. He has twice won the Crescendo International Music Competition, an annual music competition for talented young musicians worldwide, and had the honor of playing the piano at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City.

The son of Haitian immigrants, Sebastian started playing musical instruments, including piano, violin and trumpet, at the age of four. He learned from his father, Dr. Phedy Pierre, whose father was also a musician back in Port-au-Prince.

Before graduating from high school and going off to medical school this fall, Sebastian participated in a school talent show for the first time.

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When In Doubt, Reach Out—Protective Factors To Prevent Child Abuse


By Anaïs Bailly-Mompoint, LMSW

Have you ever noticed that every month there seems to be an announcement about “National Awareness Month of (fill in the blank)? With so many things to be “aware” of, every month has multiple health and social issues that compete for our attention. As a social worker, I could not miss the opportunity to discuss an issue that is present in many communities and one that puts our future at risk.