Haiti: Dog Eat Dog World

By: Tadia Toussaint PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI – Dogs are everywhere in Haiti: under parked cars, dead on the roadside, roaming the streets. Not only are they everywhere but they’re hungry. You…

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Haitian Studies Institute Finds a Home at CUNY’s Brooklyn College

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By M. Skye Holly

BROOKLYN, NY– On Aug. 24, a press conference was held on the courtyard of the Brooklyn College Library to officially recognize the establishment of the City University of New York’s (CUNY) Haitian Studies Institute. The Haitian Studies Institute (HSI) is a CUNY-wide research institute that will be permanently housed at Brooklyn College; it plans on becoming a leading institute on Haitian Studies within New York State and throughout the Haitian Diaspora.

Mikaben Signs To Warner Music France

Mikaben J Perry

Haitian Music Industry (HMI) star Michael “Mikaben” Benjamin signed a licensing and distribution agreement with Warner Music France earlier this month. Warner Music signed him under their Caribbean Pop division, and is entering the international market with the single, “Ti Pam Nan.” Released in Haiti in December 2014, the single, which is a collaboration between Benjamin and recording artist J. Perry, officially launched in Europe on July 29,

San Diego Church Working to Transition Thousands of Haitian Migrants Fleeing Brazil

Haitian migrants released from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

By Gage Norris

SAN DIEGO, CA — Right now, the Haitian Methodist Church of San Diego is overwhelmed.

For the past four months, church members and members of the Haitian Bridge Alliance, a collective of community leaders working to help the Haitian community and recent migrants to the U.S., have been facilitating the arrival of massive numbers of Haitians fleeing Brazil seeking a better life. They have received over 2,000 migrants so far, and expect nearly three times that number in the coming months.

Haitian Artist’s Work To Be Featured In Boston Street Piano Exhibition


By Vania Andre

BOSTON, MA –Mattapan native, Marjorie Saintil-Belizaire, was selected to participate in Play Me, I’m Yours, Luke Jerram’s popular public art installation that is making its return visit to Boston this fall, courtesy of Celebrity Series of Boston. The Haitian-American artist is one of sixty artists that were selected to have their work featured in the public art installation.

Rebuilding The Haitian State Necessitates A New Political System


By Max A. Joseph Jr.

It is becoming obvious that each passing day, and each politically-related scandal in Haiti makes the case for a thorough reorganization of the Haitian state which, under the existing environment, seems incapable of fulfilling its basic responsibilities. Indeed, the state’s overreliance on foreign assistance, its inability to organize well-timed and credible elections, the weakness of its institutions and endemic corruption are evidence that the present structure is defective and could never work. Can the Haitian people afford to stay the course and await a miracle?

US Senator Partners With Haiti Nonprofit for 6th Annual Arts and Music Festival


BROOKLYN, NY – New York State Senator Jesse Hamilton partnered with Light the World Foundation on July 9 to for the 6th Annual Arts and Music Festival in Brooklyn.

Light the World Foundation’s annual concerts have become an integral part of Brooklyn’s summer festivities and a staple in the Haitian Community, bringing together a range of gospel music and expressive art. Proceeds from the festival will go towards the foundations’ two signature programs; the Mentorship Program that provides participants with practical life skills and tools that are usually not taught as a part of their academic curriculum; and, scholarship programs that are offered both in Haiti and in the United States. The scholarships are awarded based on merit as measured by financial need, academic performance, and extracurricular activities.

Haiti: Dog Eat Dog World

A Haitian dog stands injured, furless, and thin on Route National #1 near Arcahaire, Haiti.

By: Tadia Toussaint

PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI – Dogs are everywhere in Haiti: under parked cars, dead on the roadside, roaming the streets. Not only are they everywhere but they’re hungry. You find dogs climbing the piles of trash on the street corners with their noses buried looking for just about anything to relieve their hunger.

Is this Really Happening?


At some point this autumn, the two newly-crowned presidential nominees will debate each other on national television. Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump live. It will be like no other debate anyone has ever seen. Actually, that’s not true. It will probably go along the lines of all of the primary debates this year. Moderator asks…

Rio Olympics Games 2016 : Men’s Basketball Tournament


By Laurent-Jude Boisrond-Canal

There will be roughly 10,500 athletes from 206 countries, participating in 28 sports, 42 disciplines, and 306 events over the course of 21 days during the Rio Olympics Games. These Olympic games will be the first held in South America, and only the third time the games will be played in the southern hemisphere after Melbourne’s 1956 games and Sydney’s 2000 Olympic games. Rio was selected over Madrid, Tokyo and Chicago.

Help! I’m Always Broke


“Can you cover for me?” Do you always find yourself asking your friends this question whenever you’re at a restaurant? It’s one of the most humiliating and shameful experiences. You just got your paycheck on Friday, and it’s already gone. You are a responsible person, but you just can’t get your finances together. How do you…

Accept the Truth: It’s Over


The end of a matter is better than its beginning… -Ecclesiastes 7:8 Sometimes, it’s hard to accept when a relationship is over. If it came with or without notice, you will find yourself in the middle of an emotional storm or wilderness. In the midst of the storm, God is there to catch you when…

France-Allemagne : Qui est favori?


By Laurent-Jude B. Canal

Marseille, jeudi 7 juillet 21h, on saura qui du Portugal ou du Pays de Galle sera en finale.

Ce sont des français galvanisés par leurs large succès face à l’Islande (5-2) qui affrontera un champion du monde Allemand qualifié lui au terme d’une longue séance de tirs au but face à l’Italie (1-1 5-6 TAB).

Broken Crayons Still Color: Uplifting, Empowering New Book Takes Readers on Faith-Based “Journey to Restoration”


In Sandra Jean Charite’s new book Broken Crayons Still Color: A Journey to Restoration, the author grapples with an increasingly secular world and her decision to leave the church and the journey back to God and Christianity. Broken Crayons Still Color is a collection of poems and stories written throughout the years about brokenness and restoration. Charite’s aim of the book is to show readers how growing closer to their faith can restore them from even the most shattering of setbacks.

This Untenable Situation Has Got to Change 


By Max A. Joseph Jr. The centennial of the Copa America Cup (3-26 June, 2016), which provided Haiti with a rare opportunity to shine on the world stage and escape the narrative of being a dysfunctional country, was truly a disappointment. Though no sane Haitian realistically expected the Grenadiers (the national soccer team) to hoist…

Say What You Mean


Collaboration is defined as “the action of working with someone to produce or create something.” It’s a great skill to have no matter whomever you come across on the spectrum of relationships. What kind of relationship do you want to create with someone? There are certain actions which need to be in your toolbox, and one of…

Oct. 9 Named New York City Haitian Day


By M. Skye Holly

January 1, 1804 stands as the proudest day in Haitian history and now, thanks to efforts by Brooklyn Council Member Mathieu Eugene, of the 40th District, a new date has been stamped to honor the Haitian Revolution and Haiti’s contributions to American and global history. On June 21, in an unanimous vote at City Hall, Resolution 687 was passed, officially naming Oct. 9 as New York City Haitian Day.

What Will You Be Known For?


For the first time in more than 20 years, I visited Haiti for four days (Thursday, June 9, 2016-Sunday, June 12, 2016). The last time I stepped foot on the country I was about 6 years old. I had always wanted to go back to Haiti, but I lived vicariously through the media, books, and…

History, Race, and Civilizations


By Max A. Joseph Jr.

History, as I understand it, consists of unmitigated facts. Though these facts can be manipulated or distorted for sinister purposes, history is not a speculative discipline as some people, every so often, mistakenly presume and demagogue scholars would want it to be. Having been on the short end of history’s greatest, most assertive and expansive civilization may have caused some lasting damage to the consciousness of Afrocentrists, whose romanticized version of history is harming the black race, given that the wrong premise inevitably engenders an erroneous conclusion.

Jimmy Jean-Louis Premieres New Movie In Miami

EVERYTHING BUT A MAN 4X6 poster card

By M. Skye Holly

In recent years, films like Think Like a Man and The Best Man franchises have struck a chord with black women all across America, and for good reason. Stories of successful black men and women are in demand on the big screen, especially by women of color who want to see more accurate representations of themselves. This week, Everything But a Man will join the fold, bringing an international touch to the conversation.

Ecuador Beat Haiti 4-0 At Copa Match


Photo Credit: Garry Pierre-Pierre EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) — Enner Valencia scored and had two assists to help Ecuador beat Haiti 4-0 on Sunday night and advance to the Copa America quarterfinals for the first time since 1997. Ecuador (1-0-2), which locked up second in Group B play, will play Group A winner United States…