Péguy Siméon died at a hospital in Ouanaminthe, a border town in the northeast, after being assaulted by police officers.

A man suspected of attempting to ride a bus for free died at the hospital Tuesday after a group of police officers beat him in Ouanaminthe, a border town in the northeast.

In a video that went viral Monday, a police officer threw a handcuffed Péguy Siméon off the bus. Other officers then beat Siméon with baseball bats. Five officers are seen participating.

Siméon had just been deported from the Dominican Republic and did not have the means for transportation, according to local reports. The bus was transporting Catholic worshippers and refused to allow him to ride for free.

Fritz Saint-Fort, director of the northeast department police, said Siméon appeared to be mentally disturbed and was attempting to rob the worshippers. Saint-Fort also said on Radio Magik9 that four police officers involved were put on leave and will be interviewed. Source

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  1. The Haitian police officers who killed this poor man are beyond cruel. Yo vreman mechan!!

  2. Se pa Haitian policier sa yo ki Fe crime sa yo ye
    Yo pa gin formation pour yo proteget et servir
    Se pour yo mete action publique en action kont polisye criminel sa yo.
    This is stupid

  3. Haiti fini
    Mete si se te yon free no u you fanmi ou koman nou ta santi nou
    Se San ki koule nan vinn police criminel sa yo
    Jesus Christ revient bientot

  4. Se sou banann mi Dan pouri gin fos
    Epi police criminels sa yo pat la Al vange frere policier yo bandi village yo te the touye yo

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