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Haitian Health Official says “There is not an epidemic of fever … but an epidemic of COVID-19”

In the past four days, health authorities have registered 222 cases of coronavirus in the country, almost half of the cases recorded in two months. In the single day of May 16, 98 people tested positive. This brings to 456 confirmed cases including 52 imported and 404 with local transmission on 1,893 people tested, 20 deaths and 21 patients declared cured.

People speak of a fever epidemic in the country instead of realizing it is the spread of Covid-19.

“There is not an epidemic of fever per se, but there is no doubt that there is an epidemic of COVID-19, one of the signs of which is an increase in body temperature (fever). As said and repeated, the fever is one of the signs still looked for to determine the risks that a person is infected by the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) and as soon as the person presents a fever we advise him ipso facto quarantine … ”, said Dr. Lauré Adrien the director general of the ministry of Public health.

“Remember,” added Dr. Adrien, “the first thing you do to control people is take the temperature.” It is therefore obvious that there is a link between high temperature and COVID-19 in this pandemic context. “Continue reading.

Haitian Times

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Haitian Times
May. 19, 2020

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