In case you haven’t been around these parts for the last year or two, Juventus’ midfield is still in need of a major upgrade despite plenty of money — in annual salaries, mostly — being spent on the center of the park.

And it’s not exactly a secret these days that a possible reunion with Paul Pogba is something the club will consider if the price is right.
That price will be a lot.

Which is probably why Pogba is considered the “dream” summer signing rather than the completely obtainable as compared to some of the other names that have been linked with Juventus over the past couple of months.

That “dream” scenario where Pogba makes his way back back to Turin is what Sky Sport Italia regarded it as on Sunday night. The biggest caveat, according to Sky Italia, would obviously be the financial obligations that would have to put forward both in terms of a transfer fee and then an annual salary that would have Pogba be the second-highest paid player at the club behind Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to Sky Italia’s report, Pogba earns around €14 million per season at Manchester United.

Bringing in somebody like Pogba would mean a number of things and would have a number of dominos fall as a result of such a high-profile acquisition. Continue reading

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