Orphanages in Haiti welcomes 25,813 children in total

Following the earthquake of January 12, 2010, orphanages gave way to centers or homes. Their number has increased considerably. Thus, in partnership with international organizations, the Institute of Social Welfare and Research has enumerated and evaluated all these houses. A total of 754 were recorded in the ten geographical departments of the country. Of these, only 35 meet the standard. Continue reading

President Jovenel Moise believes that state reform is a condition for renewal in the country

The coordinator of the Office of Management and Human Resources, Josué Pierre-Louis, presented to Prime Minister, Jean-Henry Céant the modernization program of the State of 2023, which it must send to the President of the Haitian Republic. It is a program whose fundamental objective is to facilitate access of quality services for citizens. Continue reading

The 13th edition of the International Jazz Festival of Port-au-Prince, (PAPJAZZ) will be held from January 19 to January 26.

This year, the edition will be under the sign of tourism and the environment, according to Joel Widmaier, co-founder of the festival.
New countries or territories such as Guyana or Israel will be present in this new edition, where Spain will be honored. For the first time, the American of Haitian origin, Cécile McLorin Salvant will participate in this 13th edition. Continue reading

Celebration of International Girl’s day

On the occasion of International Girl’s day, UNICEF, UN Women and UNFPA congratulate the Haitian authorities for efforts to improve access to education and encourage them to continue to support actions for educating girls to better participate in public life and decision-making.
Since 2012, the International Day of the Girl is celebrated every year on October, 11. This Day aims to highlight the needs of girls and respond to the challenges they face. This Day also promotes the empowerment of girls and the exercise of their fundamental rights. Continue reading

Boulos welcomes the government’s decision to report the decree on the dedollarization

Entrepreneur Réginald Boulos is pleased with the government’s decision to report the decree of March 1st about the dedollarization.
For him, this is a good decision that will reduce some transaction costs.
Réginald Boulos believes that the only way to reduce the pressure on the gourde is to increase domestic production.The role of the authorities is to set up basic infrastructures to promote the development of the economy and to guarantee access to credit for small producers. Continue reading

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