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#PetroCaribeChallenge Reaches New York City

Despite word on Twitter suggesting a strong #PetroCaribeChallenge presence in front of the Brooklyn Museum at the West Indian Day Parade Monday, a very small group of people marched through the streets of Eastern Parkway holding up signsof former president and musician Michel Martelly, who made an appearance at the parade.  Continue reading

First Haitian Mas Group To March In Annual West Indian American Parade Not Allowed On Parkway

After much fanfare and excitement around Banboche Mas, Haiti’s first mas camp, taking part in the 51st West Indian American Day Parade, the masqueraders and float were not allowed to take part in the festivities after failing to pass inspection at a checkpoint on Buffalo Avenue and Eastern Parkway. Continue reading


Kot kòb PetroCaribe a? Where is the PetroCaribe Money?

Several hundred participants walked yesterday in the capital to demand that light be made on the use of funds from the PetroCaribe program. Starting from the airport, the demonstrators exhibited posters in which they ask, among other things, accounts on the fund from which the country has benefited since 2006. Continue reading

PNH announces new disposals after several shootings of last friday

Panic took place on Friday, August 31, 2018, at Bicentenaire. Shooting have forced residents to lock themselves at home for hours for fear of being victimized. Following the tensions, Everything was temporarily paralyzed in Bicentenaire, at Village de Dieu, Martissant and several other near by area. These measures that will be implemented immediately should allow residents to go about their activities, said the new spokesperson of the Pnh, Michelangelo Louis-Jeune reassuring the population. Continue reading

Back to school in Haiti

Recently the government took the resolution to share academic costs with parents throughout the academic year.
Although the state struggles to regulate school fees, considered exorbitant by citizens however during this first day of school, the traffic went smooth, less cars, not so many students on the streets. Traffic should be really tight the next week with a strong presence of students in schools. Continue reading

We want our sidewalks back!

The Communal Administration of Port-au-Prince informs, that on the occasion of the school’s reopening on September 3rd 2018, a whole set of measures were adopted by the City Council in order to reserve the sidewalks of the municipality to the exclusive use of walkers, especially vulnerable users, students, kids, pregnant women, the elderly or those with reduced mobility as it should be. Continue reading

ONA reaches out to the victims of the latest fires in Marché en fer.
At the approach of school’s reopening, 364 merchants and victims of the latest fire at Marché en fer have received from the ONA, each a check of 20, 000 gourdes and provisions mainly consisting of beans and rice to help them rebuilt their business so they can send their kids to school. Continue reading

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