TPS, Warped Lens

Farah Larrieux: Faces of TPS

Farah Larrieux

By Garry Pierre-Pierre

I met Farah Larrieux in 2000 when I was working with  Djakout Mizik to participate at the West Indian Carnival Day Parade in Brooklyn. Farah was part of the band’s public relations staff. We’ve maintained a close friendship over the years.

After the 2010 earthquake destroyed her home in Port-au-Prince and the death of her mother a couple of years earlier, Farah decided to move permanently to the U.S. and settled in South Florida.


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Garry Pierre-Pierre

Garry Pierre-Pierre

Garry Pierre-Pierre is a Pulitzer Prize winning, multi-media and entrepreneurial journalist. Founder and publisher of Haitian Times.
Garry Pierre-Pierre
Feb. 14, 2018