Vanessa Saintvil leads a dance troupe of young people living with disabilities during the closing performances at the 7th edition of the festival, Quinzaine Internationale Handicap et Culture d'Haïti, in Port-au-Prince, on October 15, 2023. Photo of Saphira Orcel/ The Haitian Times

PORT-AU-PRINCE — Artists with albinism were among dozens spotlighted at the 8th edition of the Disability and Cultural Festival, held each year to bring awareness to people living with disabilities and challenges in Haiti. Organized by Théâtre Toupatou with “opening up to albinism” as a theme, this year’s festival aimed to shed light on all underrepresented communities and advocate for inclusivity.  

“With this kind of activity taking place, I feel really happy,” Vanessa Saintvil, an aspiring dancer, told The Haitian Times. “We [disabled people] don't always have support, and now they have taken care of us.”


Sunday’s Théâtre Toupatou honored people to shed light on albinism and to put the spotlight on underrepresented communities in Haitian society.

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