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Likely new Brooklyn dems boss gets big bucks from groups her bills aid

This story was originally published on JAN. 16, 2020 by THE CITY. Five years after she joined the state Legislature, Assemblymember…

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Accusations of Anti-Haitianism follow Brooklyn Council Special Election Race

Leaders in the Haitian community are up in arms after Public Advocate Jumaane Williams officially endorsed Monique Chandler-Waterman in the special election to fill his vacated council seat under Toussaint L’overture Boulevard on April 17. Several leaders have his endorsement, which took place in Little Haiti, for a candidate with no ties to the community as a slap in the face.

Defeat Paves Williams’ Way for Public Advocate
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Defeat Paves Williams’ Way for Public Advocate

Although he was unable to secure the lieutenant governor seat, his potential ascension to public advocate has widespread implications for immigrant and communities of color across the city. The self-described activist, has long been a friend to the Haitian community, who comprises a significant portion of his district in central Brooklyn. Williams has been instrumental both in front and behind the scenes of key Haitian-centered initiatives like the Haitian Studies Institute housed at Brooklyn College and the creation of Little Haiti in East Flatbush, and has even been named an “honorary Haitian” by the Haitian Roundtable. 

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