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Thanks, Mr. Martelly, for Nothing
Under the Radar

Thanks, Mr. Martelly, for Nothing

By Max A. Joseph Jr.

Judging by what has been going on in Haiti over the last 100 years, it is fair to assume that the political class thrives on organized chaos, which naturally affects the way the country is administered and the kind of leaders it produces. Though this rather bizarre system suits the beneficiaries (corrupt and inept politicians and their foreign handlers), it inadvertently creates a situation in which the illogical seems normal. The tentative accord between President Michel Martelly, the leaders of both chambers of the legislature and the president of the country’s Supreme Court, which would extend the terms of the deputies and remaining sitting senators past the constitutionally-mandated Jan. 12 deadline must be seen in that context.

Strong Leadership is Needed in Haiti, Not Protests
Warped Lens

Strong Leadership is Needed in Haiti, Not Protests

By Garry Pierre-Pierre

The protests that are gripping Haiti seem eerily familiar.

In late 2003, shortly before Haiti was to celebrate its 200 years of independence, the opposition at the time declared war on President Jean Bertrand Aristide. They took to the streets almost daily and vowed to remain vigilant until Aristide left power.

By late February 2004, Aristide was indeed ousted and was whisked out of the country by American officials, first to Central African Republic and then to South Africa, where he remained in exile for almost eight years until his unexpected returned to his homeland two years ago.