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4 Emerging Startups of Haitian Influence You Should Know

By Daniella Bien-Aime

Have you heard?

A Marriott has opened in Port-au-Prince and a Hilton isn’t far behind.

Announcements like this mark a change in Haiti’s business landscape that the Haitian Diaspora should be happy about. In the last few years, some of the bold business-minded members of the diaspora have taken matters into their own hands and started their own businesses.

These entrepreneurs understand that business creation is the best route to economic self-sustainability for the country. It is exciting to discover and report on these emerging businesses. As you look at the list you might say, well it’s only four businesses, but as these businesses succeed they will inspire others. Remember that, seven years ago, these business opportunities did not even exist, much less have an upscale supermarket carrying a product made in Haiti. The products from these companies are either created in Haiti or use materials from Haiti.