State of Haiti: By the numbers

Haitians were displaced from their homes in 2022 because of gang violence.

A quick look at the figures and stats that shapes policy in Haiti and gives a peak into the daily life of Haitians and the diaspora.

Crime & Violence

Haiti has faced persistent crime and violence in recent years, including high levels of homicides and kidnappings. This graph displays the trends in these incidents over the past five years, offering insights into the challenges facing the country.


Port-au-Prince saw widespread demonstrations in 2022, as citizens took to the streets to protest against government corruption and economic hardship. Despite a heavy police presence, the protests continued for several months and occasionally turned violent. The demonstrations highlighted the deep-seated frustrations of the Haitian people and the urgent need for meaningful political and economic change.


Pretrial detention is a major issue in Haiti, leading to human rights violations and overpopulated prisons. Suspects often wait years for trial, violating their right to a fair and speedy process. The chart below shows the number of inmates in Haitian prisons from 2018 – 2022 and the share of detainees awaiting trial.


In October 2022, national authorities in Haiti reported confirmed cases of cholera in the greater Port-au-Prince region, breaking a 3-year period without any reported cases. Furthermore, there are reports of suspected cases and deaths in various departments under investigation.