Special Report: State of Haiti

State of Haiti series looks at the conditions many Haitians endure to carry on from day to day, despite alarming statistics about the country’s governance, crime and severe humanitarian crises.

State of Haiti: Facing critical conditions, an uncertain future

Despite five Haitian-led agreements and international efforts, Haiti’s perennial political impasse has exacerbated all aspects of daily life

As of the second Monday in January, Haiti’s parliament is empty of all elected officials. Now left without even a semblance of leaders with popular support, the political limbo Haitians experienced even before the murder of Moïse is in full view.

It’s impossible to organize elections with the presence of gang groups all over the country.

Reverend Father Gardy Maisonneuve, head of the human rights organization Sant Karl Lévêque

Haitians were displaced from their homes in 2022 because of gang violence.

Shot and produced by Marvens Compere | The Haitian Times


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