Special Reports by The Haitian Times

Special Report: State of Haiti

State of Haiti series looks at the conditions many Haitians endure to carry on from day to day, despite alarming statistics about the country’s governance, crime and severe humanitarian crises.

Special Report – Gangs in Haiti: A deeper look

Special Report – Gangs in Haiti: A deeper look Gangs in Haiti go as far back as the Tonton Makout of the Duvalier Regime. But with more guns available and less government checking them, today’s neighborhood-based gangs have outsized influence on not only their communities, but the entire country. In this special series, The Haitian…

Special Report – Haitians in Tapachula

Special Report: Haitians in Tapachula “Haitians in Tapachula” is a series that takes an in-depth look at Haitians in Tapachula, a city in southern Mexico about 20 miles north of the Guatemala-Mexico border. Many Haitians who make it here spent years in Brazil and Chile before continuing toward North America in the ongoing search for…