Slam the scams targeting Haitians 

Fraudulent schemes and other activities targeting the Haitian community abound in Haiti, the U.S. and elsewhere across the globe. Most appear to fall in the get-rich-quick or Ponzi-like pyramid categories. To help the community avoid these scams, this page compiles stories we’ve reported about fraudulent activities and provides resources to avoid or report scams. 

If you know of a suspected scam we should look into, email any information you have about it to to share what’s being perpetrated. Your information will be kept confidential.

10 takeaways from EminiFX crypto Ponzi scheme, $153M recovered

Receiver town hall details what EminiFX did with investors’ money, where the financials now stand

In 2022, the price of Bitcoin was on a downward trajectory, with a big crash in early May. By the time I was appointed, there were over $40 million in losses in the Bitcoin held in the CoinPayments account. So there was no positive ROI from the EminiFX exposure to the price of Bitcoin.

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Financial scams


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immigration Scams

If you have suspicions, here are some actions you may take: