New York

haitian woman wearing mask

Creole speakers needed to help stop COVID-19 surge in Haitian neighborhoods

Dec. 18, 2020 - At the height of the pandemic last spring, New York City hired 200 people to help COVID-19 positive residents access essentials like food and medicine during quarantine. Now, with a second wave hitting the country and large holiday gatherings likely, the city is planning to expand its program to help more immigrant New Yorkers, including Creole-speaking Haitian-Americans.
David Dinkins, First Black NYC Mayor

David Dinkins’s Real Political Legacy: Transcending Racist Trolling, Advancing Black Hope

Nov. 25, 2020 - “Giuliani is to Dinkins what Trump was to Obama,” said Christina Greer, author of the book “Black Ethics: Race, Immigration and The Pursuit of the American Dream. “Someone who trolled a Black man who had way more class dignity, education and intelligence, constantly incited racist tropes to distract from the fact that this Black person was actually doing a solid job.”

Beat of the Boroughs features 54 immigrant artists

Nov. 18, 2020 - Sidiki Conde is among 54 immigrant artists, including Haitian-Americans, featured in the Center for Traditional Music and Dance’s Beat of the Boroughs initiative, just launched this week. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday through March, artists from around the world will be leading performances, workshops, lectures and more on the center’s YouTube and Facebook pages.