The New York City Department of Transportation, Roadway Repair &Maintenance Division cordially invites your company to submit bids for thefollowing contract: PIN: 841201B0025- Milling Existing Asphalt Concrete WearingCourse in Preparation of Resurfacing Citywide (Specifications) available fordownload free of charge starting October 9, 2023. To access the IFB, vendorsshould visit the PASSPort public Portal at Click onthe “Search Funding Opportunities in PASSPort” blue box. Doing so will take oneto the public portal of all procurements in the PASSPort system. To quickly locatethe IFB, insert the EPIN, 841201B0025, into the Keyword search field. In order torespond to the IFB, vendors must create an account within the PASSPort system ifthey have not already done so.

DOT will be holding a in person Industry Day for our Milling Contract’s on TuesdayOctober 24,2023 at 55 Water Street in DOT’s bid room. The event will be start at11am and end at 1pm. The entrance is on the first floor at the rear of the buildingon the park side. Please reserve at: pre-bid conference via Zoom is scheduled for 10/31/23 at 11:00 AM. Thosewho wish to attend the pre-bid meeting must email the authorized agencycontact for a link no later than October 26,2023 by 4pm.

The deadline for thesubmission of questions via email is 11/3/23 by 4:00 pm to the authorized agencycontact person. This procurement is subject to participation goals forDisadvantaged Business Enterprise of 30%. Any inquiries concerning this IFBshould be directed by email, under the subject line “841201B0025- MillingExisting Asphalt Concrete Wearing Course in Preparation of Resurfacing Citywide”to the email address of the Authorized Agency Contact, Shaneza Shinath, or through the PASSPort communication function.Responses to this IFB must be submitted via PASSPort. All Bids must be receivedvia Passport before the Bid Due Date, November 15, 2023, no later than 11:00AM. No In Person viewing of bid opening will be permitted. You will find the Zoominformation in Passport with full details. Virtual Bid Opening will be conducted viaZoom Webinar on November 15,2023 at 12:00PM.