Latest Past Events

Afro-Haitian with Julio Jean

Cumbe: Center for African and Diaspora Dance 1368 Fulton Street, BROOKLYN

Journey to the nanm (soul in Haitian Kreyòl) of Afro-Haitian dance and become acquainted with the different Iwa (gods) in the Vodou religion through their dances, songs, rhythms and rituals.

Leadership standing together retreat

The NHAEON National Leadership Retreat is held every year since 2009 as a method to continuously connect and engage with our members on a wide variety of issues affecting the Haitian American community in the United States and to discuss ways to foster better relationships between the United States and Haiti. The 2023 theme is “Standing Together!”. This year’s Retreat will gather policy makers from various states who will engage in discussions of major policy issues and is determined to improve relations between the United States as well as in Haiti.