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Gab w/ Fab: A Quick Chat with Paul Beaubrun

In the first episode of 2018 of Gab w/ Fab, Fabiola Jean chats with Paul Beaubrun of Zing Experience after…


Kreyol La Takes The Prize At Annual Haitian Labor Day Fest

On Sept. 2, Kreyol La won the first ever Haitian Labor Day Fest competition. Venus International Productions, Harmon Linder & Rogowsky, and Madame Gougouse hosted the annual musical showcase on Sept. 2 Eisenhower Park on Long Island. This was the first year the annual festival featured a contest between the bands and performers, where the winner took home $10,000.


The Police and The Policed w/ Garry Pierre-Pierre

On this edition of Independent Sources Garry Pierre-Pierre speaks to sociologists Dr. Lawrence Johnson and Dr. Alex S. Vitale about the rise of the warrior cop mentality within police forces around the country and whether or not there can be reform.

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