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Haitians in America: This Industrial Designer seeks to ‘Speak Differently’ on new language app

By Bianca Silva Sheilla Sanon wants to make learning a new language a bit easier. Earlier this year, she developed…

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New Online Marketplace Based in Haiti Launches

With a few clicks on a computer, Haitian entrepreneurs will now be able to share their services and businesses worldwide through SevisPlus, an online marketplace where users can find creative and professional services that launched this summer.


How Technology is Keeping Haitian Migrants Connected Worldwide

A recent wave of Haitian migrants arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border was triggered by a chain of Facebook and WhatsApp messages (an app co-developed by Ukrainian immigrant Jan Koum). When migrants began to enter the U.S. under Temporary Protected Status after Hurricane Maria, they messaged their Haitian friends and family in other countries. This group also messaged other friends and family, leading to roughly 17,000 Haitians migrating to the bordertown of Tijuana seeking asylum.


Haiti: Tech Incubator to Launch in Spring 2018

Haitian Times tech contributor Henry Beaucejour interviewed Dr. Jean-Jacques Rousseau who serves as a Technical Advisor in Innovation, Science, and Competitiveness to President Jovenel Moise. Dr. Rousseau is helping launch ‘Alpha Haiti’ in the Spring of 2018, a Haitian government initiative aimed at taking a new approach to economic development. He says the tech incubator will be an innovative platform to “develop solutions for persistent local problems.”

Emoticons Revolutionized with Latest Emoji App

Emoticons Revolutionized with Latest Emoji App

By Vania Andre

Emojis are being taken to the next level by three Haitian Americans, with the latest evolution of the emoticon apps.

Lingoji, a new emoji app that interjects cultural sayings with expressive charactertures was developed by Patrice V. Gervais, David-Georges Renaud, and Gerald Brun.

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