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Look Back to Move Ahead

I was given the opportunity to attend an event hosted by the National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professionals…

Ayiti Chic, Columns

Understand the Value of Money

By Cindy S. Johnson

What does money mean to you? For some people, they need more of it. Others can’t have enough of it. Those without it equate money with happiness. We all know that there’s more to life than the amount of money in our bank accounts.

Rebuilding The Haitian State Necessitates A New Political System
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Rebuilding The Haitian State Necessitates A New Political System

By Max A. Joseph Jr.

It is becoming obvious that each passing day, and each politically-related scandal in Haiti makes the case for a thorough reorganization of the Haitian state which, under the existing environment, seems incapable of fulfilling its basic responsibilities. Indeed, the state’s overreliance on foreign assistance, its inability to organize well-timed and credible elections, the weakness of its institutions and endemic corruption are evidence that the present structure is defective and could never work. Can the Haitian people afford to stay the course and await a miracle?

Ayiti Chic, Columns

Show Me the Money

By Cindy Similien-Johnson

There’s a meme/photo that’s viral on social media, and every person of Haitian descent may have already posted it on their Facebook Page. It’s a picture of a hand stuffing a thick wad of dollar bills into his pocket, and the caption reads: “Haitian parents be like ‘Mwen Pa Gen Kob.'” When translated into English, it means “Haitian parents be like ‘I don’t have any money.'”

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