​​Haitians in the United States have transformed from a  group of transient exiles into a vibrant immigrant community in the span of three decades. Its members have become an inextricable part of American society, making strides in politics, business and the arts. At the same time, Haiti’s social and political tumult remains a source of great concern for the community, even as an enduring pride holds it together.

The Haitian Times, founded in 1999 to be a leading voice in the community’s evolution, aims to bridge the generational and geographical gaps among Haitians. We tell the real story of Haiti and Haitian-Americans and of the culture that binds us all across borders.

To gather and share this nuanced narrative, we actively listen to and engage with our audiences in the ongoing journey toward real solutions for Haitians’ thorniest issues. We prioritize people and humanize policy decisions. Our coverage brings a deep understanding of Haitian and American culture and politics and provides a clear-eyed view of the impact on us. 

Join us on the journey toward a stronger Haitian-American community and, ultimately, a better Haiti.