Officers of the Haitian Border Police unit (POLIFRONT) standing near the construction of the canal in Ouanaminthe, a northeastern commune, in September 2023. Photo by Pierre Michel Jean

CAP-HAITIEN — Tensions at the border with Haiti and the Dominican Republic escalated to physical confrontations Tuesday with Haitian civilians — armed with sticks, stones and machetes — facing off against Dominican soldiers in a rash of incidents during the day that left one Haitian security unit director bloodied from a head injury.

Samson Camiel, the director of the Protected Areas Security Brigade (BSAP) in the Northeastern Department, who was pictured with blood on the top of his head, face, tank top and shirt, denied taking away officers' guns. Residents had thrown rocks at him because he allegedly stripped weapons from Haitian security agents, leaving them defenseless in a possible faceoff against Dominican soldiers Tuesday in Ouanaminthe, according to Radio Canarie FM, a local radio station.


Haitians threw rocks at a BSAP unit director, injuring him in the head, for allegedly disarming BSAP security agents at the border, which left them vulnerable in a possible faceoff against the Dominican army.

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