Working meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS) technical committee with the multidisciplinary commission of the Haitian government on the management of shared waters around construction of the Ouanaminthe canal on the Massacre River in Haiti on Monday, October 30, 2023. Credit: Léon Charles, Permanent Representative from Haiti to the OAS

PORT-AU-PRINCE — During a celebration of World Egg Day last month, the head of the Dominican Republic’s poultry trade association told a gathering that the country’s egg producers had recently slaughtered more than 3 million hens. Facing an excess of eggs ever since the Haitian-Dominican Republic border closed, their sector had to withdraw from circulation the 2 million eggs typically exported to Haiti. 

“Producers have never experienced a situation as difficult as the one they are going through now, due to the impossibility of marketing eggs,” said Manuel Escaño, president of the Association of National Egg Producers (Asohuevos), Haiti’s Metropole news outlet reports. 


Civil society groups in Ouanaminthe issued seven conditions to reopen the Haitian border, as Dominican producers face millions in lost revenue with the continued closure over the irrigation canal being built.

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