Dominican Republic Airport, Santo Domingo Airport, Aeropuerto Internacional de Las Américas, República Dominicana
A view of the Las Américas International Airport tarmac in November 2010. Photo by Tomada por Dontacos via Wiki Commons

PORT-AU-PRINCE — The Dominican Republic has lifted the air travel restrictions imposed against Haiti when it closed all borders over the disputed canal being built along the Massacre River. The Dominican Republic's Civil Aviation Junta announced the resolution on Oct. 30, just days after contaminated blood was discovered at a land border and while Dominican vendors were protesting the closures that have reduced trade.

“Lift, as of the date of this resolution, the suspension established by resolution 191-2023 dated September 14, 2023, relating to passenger and cargo air operations from and to the Republic of Haiti,” officials wrote in a resolution, numbered 234-2023.


The Dominican Republic has lifted the air restrictions imposed as sanctions against Haiti over construction of a canal on the Massacre River. Meanwhile, smuggling and economic issues have cropped up along the land border that remains closed.

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