The Haitian National Police at a scene to reinforce departmental management of the Center after the attack of armed bandits against the residents of Saut d'Eau on Monday, September 25, 2023. Photo Credit: PNH

PORT-AU-PRINCE – Angry youth of Mirebalais and Saut-d’Eau lynched at least eight gang members Tuesday to retaliate against the bandits suspected of launching a harrowing assault on their towns, including the local hospital the day prior.

The groups of young people – armed with machetes, sticks and other makeshift weapons – patrolled the streets of Mirebalais, scouring the area for members of the gang that attacked on Monday as a means to maintain security in their communities, local media reported. The mob’s formation followed a terrifying ordeal for patients and staff of the University Hospital of Mirebalais, where the assailants wielded automatic weapons. The attack on the health center, frequented often by vulnerable people with little means, was riddled with bullet holes, shocked and outraged the community.


In a bwa kale vigilante style response, a group of mostly angry youth of Mirebalais and Saut d’Eau lynched at least eight gang members Tuesday. They committed the atrocity to retaliate against bandits suspected of launching a harrowing assault on their towns.

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