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Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader is willing to start negotiating with Haitian officials over  the contentious canal at the shared  border, if work on the Haitian canal stops first, according to Dominican press.

Abinader also told journalists at a media meeting that in the coming weeks, the La Vigía canal, also being built to divert water from the Massacre River, would be up and running. He said after that critical step, the Dominican government would consider easing some of the measures in place, the Dominican daily, Listin Diario reported. Abinader added his country has consistently honored bilateral agreements, including the 1929 agreement stipulating that the Artibonito, Haiti's primary watercourse known as Rivière Artibonite, was solely intended to generate electricity, not water catchments.


Dominican President Luís Abinader is willing to have talks in Haiti DR canal conflict Haiti, if construction stops and La Vigia waterway becomes operational.

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