People transport goods such as sugarcane from the Dominican Republic to Haiti in December 2022. Photo by Onz Chéry for The Haitian Times

PORT-AU-PRINCE — The Haitian government vowed to continue an irrigation project as a sovereign nation, two days after Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader announced his intent to close the two countries’ shared border. Even as it called for dialogue between the two countries, the Haitian government exhorted its sovereignty, right to exploit its own resources and more dialogue, the note issued Sept. 13 said. 

“The Republic of Haiti can sovereignly decide on the exploitation of its natural resources,” the note continued. “The Government of the Republic of Haiti will take all necessary measures to protect the interests of the Haitian people.”


Since the start of the resumption of the construction of the Maribaroux canal by the inhabitants of the northern region of the country, the government has taken a position for the first time.

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