Cormier beach, rara band,
Revelers dance in front of a rara band during the first edition of Okap Flavors Food Festival at Cormier Beach Resort on Aug. 20, 2023. Photo by Onz Chery for The Haitian Times

CAP-HAITIEN — Haiti’s second largest city closed out its annual anniversary with a first edition of Okap Flavors Food Festival that brought out hundreds of locals and members of the diaspora at Cormier Beach Resort on Sunday.

Chefs cooked some of Haiti’s most praised dishes — from griyo and rice beans —  while revelers danced behind a rara band whose drumming and horns playing carried them away. A Vodou dance wowed the crowd, as did a saxophone solo player.


The Okap Flavors Food Festival showcased Haitian cuisine, dance and musical performances.

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