Refugees at Carrefour-Feuilles High School’s basketball court. Photo by Juhakenson Blaise/ The Haitian Times

PORT-AU-PRINCE—Haiti has reached a “critical juncture” as its residents grapple with escalating incidents of killings, kidnappings and sexual violence orchestrated by criminal groups, Human Rights Watch unveiled in a distressing report on August 14. The organization calls on the local authorities to take urgent action to protect residents against mounting violence.

The report underscores a significant surge in criminal activities carried out by armed individuals in 2023. The extensive 98-page report is titled  “Vivre un cauchemar” – Face à une crise qui s’aggrave, la situation en Haïti nécessite une réponse urgente fondée sur les droits humains” —- French for 'Living a Nightmare – Facing a Deepening Crisis, the Situation in Haiti.' It provides an exhaustive account of the rampant abuses committed by criminal factions. The Haitian government's response has been inadequate in curbing this escalating threat, Human Rights Watch said 

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