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Roselord Borgella kisses the temple of Nerilia Mondesir (center) after Mondesir scored for Haiti’s women’s football team in a game versus South Korea on Jul. 8, 2023 at Seoul World Cup Stadium in South Korea. All the players in the photo were trained as youth in Haiti, except for Chelsea Surpris. From left to right: Melchie “Corventina” Dumornay, Tabita Joseph, Mondesir, Borgella, Jennyfer Limage (in #3 jersey) and Batcheba Louis. Photo credit: Haitian Football Federation

CAP-HAITIEN — Going out to the Cap-Haitien International Airport for work a couple weeks ago was rather interesting. I was looking for dyaspora to interview for the story about Haitians abroad coming back for fèt chanpèt

I spotted one man carrying a sports bag. He didn’t look like a dyaspora, which are easy to spot in Haiti, but I said let me try anyway.


Reporter Onz Chery shares reflections after seeing the Haitian women’s foutbòl team, which he has covered since 2019, rise to the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

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Onz Chery is a Haiti correspondent for The Haitian Times. Chery started his journalism career as a City College of New York student with The Campus. He later wrote for First Touch, local soccer leagues in New York and Elite Sports New York before joining The Haitian Times in 2019.