Sheila Anozier teaches traditional dance with the students. Ayiti in the City at Brooklyn College 2023. Photo by Tequila Minsky for The Haitian Times.

BROOKLYN—How do you give college students a Haiti abroad program when traveling there is fraught with so many difficulties?

The Haitian Studies Institute (HSI) at Brooklyn College came up this summer with its monthlong “Ayiti in the City” program of culturally immersive experiences. A joint project with the CUNY Black, Race and Ethnic Studies Initiative, Ayiti in the City focused on educating participants about Haiti, its art forms and Haitian communities through a mix of educational sessions and placing students as paid interns with Haitian organizations.


One field trip, lunch with Chef Nadege Fleurimond at her BunNan BK Plantain Eatery restaurant in Flatbush, included discussion of Haitian cuisine, influences and ingredients. Another was an African American heritage tour in Brooklyn. A third was an Off-Broadway show about five Haitian sisters, “Bernada’s Daughters.”

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