Residents of Mirebalais watching Haiti's game against China as the Chinese player was about to take the penalty giving her team the victory, Friday, July 28, 2023. Photo of Juhakenson Blaise

MIREBALAIS, Haiti—In the moments just after China beat Haiti 1-0, residents of the town where superstar Melchie ‘Corventina’ Dumornay grew up let out a roar of disbelief, from the shock of Les Grenadières’ loss.

“Unfortunately, we lost against the Chinese team that was not even that superior,” said Jean-Claude Josaphat, a former soccer coach who counts Dumornay among his previous pupils. "It's not right that the team lost this match against a team with 10 players against 11."


In Mirebalais, Haiti, residents are praising the town’s most famous daughter, Melchie “Corventina” Dumornay, and want to see the star athlete lift the cup at the global soccer match.

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I am Juhakenson Blaise, a journalist based in the city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I cover the news that develops in this city and deals with other subjects related to the experience of Haitians for the Haitian Times newspaper. I am also a lover of poetry.