'Septen’ band members at a concert in Cap-Haitien. Photo via L’orchestre Septentrional Facebook page

Beloved Haitian band L’Orchestre Septentrional d’Haïti, known for being a mainstay in music for decades, is commemorating 75 years of music with a big bash on July 27.

Co-founded in 1948 by the legendary saxophonist Ulrich Pierre Louis in Cap-Haïtien, the band holds the distinction of being one of the two oldest konpa music formations still actively performing in Haiti, going as far back as when the genre was widely spelled compas. Over the years, Septentrional has become a true monument of Haitian music, captivating audiences with its enthralling performances and unique blend of meringue, konpa, bolero and other fiery rhythms.


The fireball from the north, L’Orchestre Septentrional d’Haïti, celebrates its storied journey of 75 years making music that has left fans worldwide amazed at its ability to navigate Haiti's political landscape to leave an indelible mark on the nation's cultural heritage.

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