Participants of the Relief for Haiti march in New Jersey on July 9, 2023. Photo credit: Gamax Photography

CAP-HAITIEN — Wearing white t-shirts in the Haitian flag’s red-and-blue colors, tens of thousands of Christian faithful marched Sunday in countries around the globe — including in Italy, Germany, Haiti and the United States, Chile and Brazil — to demand that the U.S. passes an anti-corruption bill to curb Haiti’s gang warfare and to keep the humanitarian parole program open, as well as to encourage Haitian Americans to register to vote.

“The Haiti we’re longing for won't simply come down from heaven,” march lead Bishop Gregory Toussaint, of Glory CEO and senior pastor, said during a Creole speech in Miami, where he is based. “Yes, we’ll need to pray for strength, grace, intelligence. But after doing that, we need to put our hands in the dough to turn the dream into reality.” 


Thousands of Haitians around the world took to the streets Sunday to call for solutions to Haiti’s crises.

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