Aliyah Shipman,taekwondo
Aliyah Shipman, a taekwondo martial artist

In a historic triumph for Haitian sport, Aliyah Shipman, a taekwondo martial artist who had been rejected from the Tokyo Olympics, secured a gold medal for Haiti at the 2023 Taekwondo World Championship. The victory marks Haiti's first gold medal in a competition of this scale since 1973.

Haiti participated through the Haitian Federation of Taekwondo (FHTKD Haiti) in the world championship taking place May 29 to June 4 in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. The Haitian delegation comprised competitors including the 20-year-old Shipman, Marthe Ostin, Woobens Cazeau, Sean Laloan, Gregory Jean-Baptiste and Ava Lee.

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