Members of a marching band in the streets of Cap-Haitien on May 17, 2023. Photo by Marvens Compere for The Haitian Times

One day ahead of festivities commemorating the 220 anniversary of the Haitian flag, the streets of Haiti’s second largest city bustled with people proudly donning the red-and-blue. 

During the day, a parade of students from College Regina Assumpta, one of the city’s oldest and most prestigious institutions, led the festivities featuring numerous high schools. Pupils in the Collège Notre-Dame du Cap-Haïtien’s steel band marched in white outfits adorned with the red and blue along the parade route to their school, creating a festive and lively atmosphere.

In the evening, more performances brought much laughter, happiness and patriotic sentiments to the city. 

Here are some images of what the Capois have in store for May 18.

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Marvens Compere is a documentary filmmaker and still photographer based in Haiti. Over the past 9 years, Marvens has worked on a variety of projects, primarily for international and national non-profit organizations.

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