For us Haitians, the power of stories has always been significant in shaping our culture and identity. It is through stories that we learn about ourselves, others and the world around us. Stories can inspire, motivate, educate and entertain us. They can also help to bridge cultural divides and promote inclusivity. 

In the case of Haitian children and families in America, seeing their language and culture represented in stories is critical in validating their identity and heritage. Non-Haitian children can also benefit from accessing more diverse stories from cultures and languages different from theirs. So in celebration of Haitian Heritage Month, I want to express the importance of keeping Kreyol/Haitian Creole alive through literature and introduce a way Haitian creatives in Miami can help in the preservation and creation of Kreyol literature this summer.

A cultural bridge

The author, who curates children’s books in Haitian Creole and English for children and families, says literature in Kreyol can bridge cultural gaps and promote a more inclusive society.

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