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CAPTION: Items for sale via the websites of three botanicas range from love potions to prayer items. Credit: Illustration by The Haitian Times

NEW YORK – As much of the world learned to connect virtually in recent years, some Vodou practitioners also moved their botanicas, readings, ceremonies and events onto the internet. Several hounfo, Kreyol for Vodou temples, are entirely virtual and enjoy a brisk business with spiritual readings in particular apparently doing well. 

“They are just as effective as in person,” said Liam Richard Howes, founder of Hounfo Racine Deesse Dereale, which sells online and in-person spiritual readings. “I know many houngans and mambos in Haiti that have been doing these consultations over the phone for 20-plus years. What the lwa knows is not restricted to a person being right in front of you.”

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