: Michaelle Craan, a former mayor of Jacmel, Haiti, died April 26 in her hometown at age 84. Her leadership inspired many to work towards a brighter future for Jacmel.

Michaelle Craan, a former mayor of Jacmel, died April 26 in her hometown at age 84, Haiti’s tourism agency has announced.

Called ‘Manman Jacmel’ for her tireless promotion of the seaside, artistic town, Craan became an icon for her advocacy of local tourism in Haiti. Craan was also a former collaborator of the Ministry of Tourism of Haiti and community organizer who spent many years working to promote the arts and culture of Haiti.

Born and raised in Jacmel, Craan was always passionate about making a difference in her hometown. In 2010, she ran for mayor, campaigning tirelessly, meeting with community members and sharing her vision for the town’s future. Craan focused on promoting cultural development and preserving the cultural heritage of Jacmel. 

Under Craan’s leadership, Jacmel became a hub of cultural activity. She organized festivals and events that celebrated Haitian art, music and dance, and she worked to support local artists and performers. Jacmel’s vibrant, thriving art communities and her work to elevate the town were recognized both nationally and internationally.

“[Her] enthusiasm, her will for everything related to tourism and culture, has imprinted a way of being and doing in the South East metropolitan region,” the Ministry of Tourism said in a blog post. “She carried in her what the world treasures most about Haiti.”

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