Opinion letter responding to “Recent fraud cases in US affecting Haitian communities

It’s so sad to read all these fraud allegations about my Haitian people. 

I believe our leaders need to build the community with better resources about finances, because many people do not understand money, how it works or finances. Maybe if there’s a program out there that can explain to them the basics about finances, they would have an understanding to prevent all these frauds. Some of them just think that here in the USA, you can run a business without a degree or without legal counsel. It’s so sad to be that way. 

All church leaders and those who are in politics here need to step up and do something. Ask most of our Haitian people, “Do you really need to wait 30 years to pay your mortgage?” They will say, “yes.” Most of them do not understand they can pay it off early. So I’m just saying, some of them [the investors] are greedy, but some of them are really clueless. 

Jacques Desamours

West Palm Beach, Florida

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