Worshippers of the Jacmel International Christian Church smiling during a service. Photo courtesy: Jacmel International Christian Church

Rosemilka Ancion, a social worker in Jacmel, could not stop thinking about how she did not have the 1,500 gourdes, or $USD 9.95, to make the pizza her five-year-old daughter asked for. So Ancion started getting that headache she believes is caused by stress again.

While Ancion layed on her bed, Kendy from church sent a message in the church’s WhatsApp’s group. It was the video of Kendy asking his little brother the nationality of the Colombians who took part in President Jovenel Moïse’s assassination. Kendy’s little brother could not answer even though the answer was in the question. Ancion bursted out laughing.


Under the chronic stress caused by the State being dysfunctional, Haitians look for ways to find happiness.

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