Displaced Haitians, Kerline Saint-Fort
A rendering of Kerline Saint-Fort, one of nearly 96,000 people displaced internally in Haiti, standing outside a Pètion-Ville street. Original photo by Matthieu Louis. Illustration by Vania André.

A year ago, Kerline Saint-Fort lived alongside her husband and five children in her home in Carrefour Minoterie, a small village in Port Lafiteau about nine miles north of Port-au-Prince. Her husband Tijeune Norzeus worked as a fisherman, while Saint-Fort sold his fishing harvest at nearby markets. With the proceeds, the couple managed to eat reasonably and pay for their five children’s school fees. 

Then in March, the 15th to be exact, Norzeus died at sea. Just when Saint-Fort, 34, became pregnant with their sixth child.


Kerline Saint-Fort, a pregnant mother of 5, fled gangs in her village to Port-au-Prince, hoping the authorities might help her. She and her children are among an estimated 96,000 internally displaced in Haiti.

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