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Haitian fans cheering during Haiti's soccer game versus Guatemala at DRV PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Mar. 27, 2022. Photo credit: Haitian Football Federation

CAP-HAITIEN — Some people support a country’s team in the World Cup because it’s their place of birth. Others because their favorite athlete plays for a contender. Still others like a team’s style of play. 

But in Haiti this year, many soccer fans are shouting “Go, Canada!” because the Canucks have sanctioned at least eight Haitian politicians who allegedly have ties to the gangs behind Haiti’s skyrocketing crime. While the majority of Haitians still show the most fervor for longtime favorites Argentina and Brazil, the Canadians have curried favor from the political match also underway.


In Haiti, some football fans are rooting for Canada in the World Cup because the superpower began sanctioning Haitian politicians allegedly linked to Haiti’s gangs.

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